World Renew is responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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We are currently funding three initiatives at the international, regional, and local levels. You can give to one area, split your giving between two, or give to all three.


COVID-19 International Response
Provide vulnerable families in over 30 countries with vital hygiene kits, safe water for cooking and handwashing, and food. Your gifts also go towards protective equipment for staff making deliveries and health supplies for hospitals.

COVID-19 DRS Response
Join DRS and RCA Global Mission in meeting the needs of one of the most vulnerable populations in North America. Among the Navajo people, COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly. With many homes not equipped with running water, families struggle to wash their hands regularly to slow transmission. Your gift helps DRS deliver water and food to remote Navajo families through Rehoboth Christian School. 

COVID-19 Local Church Response
When you give to World Renew’s local church response, you equip the deacons of local churches with funds to better serve their struggling communities and tend to local spiritual, economic, and health-related needs



Available Covid-19 Programs
COVID-19 International Response
COVID-19 DRS Response
COVID-19 Local Church Response
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